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Ingersoll Land Care is small outdoor service contracting firm based in the Southern Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

We provide design, installation, and care of beautiful landscapes large and small throughout the Berkshire-Taconic Region of MA, CT, and NY.


Our practices emphasize safety, education, sustainability, and fun. On any given day one might find us pruning giant trees, planting delicate wildflowers, stacking native stones, or improving the soil with organic compost.


We look forward to the opportunity to meet you - and your property.


How may we be of assistance?

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Ingersoll Land Care is driven by a commitment to provide quality land care services in a manner that reflects responsible stewardship of the Earth and an enthusiastic dedication to safety, integrity, creativity, and sustainability.


This is achieved by maintaining a workplace environment that empowers our team of dedicated professionals to develop and deliver their skills in ways that result in outstanding and distinct project implementation and customer service.

We believe that with guiding principles of consideration and sensitivity to the environment we support 

and enrich ourselves, our clientele, and our community.


Tom Ingersoll

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